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Cheap laptop battery online store in UK
Most popular
  •  Acer Laptop Battery
  > ACER Aspire 1680 series
  > ACER Aspire 1300 series
  > ACER Travelmate 240 series
  > ACER Travelmate 220 series
  > ACER Travelmate 800 series
  •  COMPAQ Laptop Battery
  > COMPAQ EVO N100 series
  > COMPAQ Presario 1200
  > COMPAQ Presario R3000
  > COMPAQ Presario 2500
  > COMPAQ Presario V2000
  > COMPAQ Armada 7800
  •  DELL Laptop Battery
  > DELL Inspiron 2500 series
  > DELL Inspiron 1100 series
  > DELL Inspiron 6000 series
  > DELL Inspiron 8100 series
  > DELL Latitude d600 series
  > DELL Latitude d500 series
  > DELL Latitude CPX
  •  Fujitsu Laptop Battery
  > FUJITSU Lifebook S2020
  > FUJITSU Lifebook p1120
  > FUJITSU Lifebook B3010D
  •  HP Laptop Battery
  > HP F4098A
  > HP F2019
  > HP F2024B
  > HP DG103A
  > HP F4486A
  > HP PP2182D
  •  IBM Laptop Battery
  > IBM Thinkpad t20 series
  > IBM Thinkpad t30 series
  > IBM Thinkpad t40 series
  > IBM Thinkpad 390 series
  > IBM Thinkpad 600 series
  •  Sony Laptop Battery
  •  Toshiba Laptop Battery
  > Toshiba Satellite 1400 series
  > Toshiba Portege m200
  > Toshiba Satellite 1900
  > Toshiba Satellite m30 series
  > Toshiba Satellite a10 series
  > Toshiba Satellite a105 series
  •  Samsung Laptop Battery
  > Samsung Q10 Series
  > Samsung Q30 Series
  > Samsung X05 Series
  > Samsung X10 Series
  > Samsung NP-X1 Series
  •  Apple Laptop Battery
  > Apple PowerBook G3 Series
  > Apple PowerBook G4 Series
  > Apple IBook 2000 Model
  > Apple 12
  > Macintosh Apple PowerBook       G-3
Laptop Adapter
  •  Laptop AC Adapter
  •  Laptop DC Adapter
  •  DVD Player Adapter
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Cheap Laptop Battery
Welcome to cheap- , a high quality and cheap laptop battery online shop.If you want to buy laptop batteries with high quality at the best price, our website is your best choice!
We supply various kinds of discount laptop batteries and compatible replacement for the major brands such as DELL , SONY , COMPAQ , ACER ,HP ,IBM ,TOSHIBA,FUJITSU ,APPLE,SAMSUNG and so on.
    In this customer can enjoy the best service and get many laptop battery information and knowledge.Also we offer 1 year warranty and 30 days money return for all laptop batteries we sell.
phone:00447737802109 , or you can give us a email :[email protected]
Acer aspire 1400 ,1680 series laptop battery replacement
Compaq Presario R300, HP Pavilion NX9100, ZV5000 series laptop battery
Dell inspiron 2500, 4000, 8000, 8200 series laptop battery
Replacement code:COMPAQ 346970-001, HP 346970-001
List Price: £102.65
Replacement Code:DELL 1691P, DELL 312-0009, DELL 310-0113
List Price: £72.18
£ 68.18 £ 88.17 £ 62.00
Fujitsu Lifebook s2020 , S200 series laptop battery
HP Pavilion Ze4200, Ze4300,compaq presario-2500series, 
Business notebook Nx9000 Series
IBM Thinkpad T20, T21 series laptop battery
List Price: £67.71
Replacement Code:COMPAQ 319411-001, HP F4098A
List Price: £92.38
Replacement Code:IBM 02K6620, IBM FRU 02K7030, IBM IB-T/L
List Price: £80.45
£ 58.16 £ 79.35 £ 74.45
SONY PCGA-BP1N, SONY PCGA-BP71, laptop battery
Toshiba satellite 1400, 1410, 1800,1805, 220, 220CDT series
IBM thinkpad 600, 600x series laptop battery
List Price: £85.72
Replacement Code:Toshiba PA2487U, Toshiba P000311740, TOSHIBA PA2487UR
List Price:£74.36
Replacement Code:IBM ASM 10L2158, IBM 02K6485, IBM 02K6506, IBM 02K6528
List Price: £79.75
£ 73.62 £ 63.89 £ 68.51
Apple Powerbook G4, G3 series laptop battery
Samsung Q30 series, Q30 Ssb laptop battery
SONY PCGA-bp2nx laptop battery
Replacement Code:Apple M8244G/A, APPLE 616-0132, APPLE M8244
List Price: £97.92
Replacement Code:Samsung SSB-Q30LS3, Samsung SSB-Q30LS6,
List Price:£150.92
List Price: £91.27
£ 84.10 £ 129.63 £ 78.40
    How to prolong your battery's life
    Aging of laptop battery is a problem that is often ignored and can not avoid. But right using and store can stave aging time.
  • Put your batteries in a cool and dry place when you store it.
  • Do not charge your lithum batteries too full before storage. Especially need to pay attention is avoid over-charging and over-discharging.
  • Most battery can be fully charged in about 3 hours so do not leave a battery in a charger for a long time.
  • When you prepare to charge for you laptop battery ,make sure the temperature is around the room temperature.
  • Do not charged to higher voltages than its threshold voltage ,as it would become unsafe.
  • When a laptop battery has been stored for a long time ( about 30 days), please charge it for about 30 minutes to prevent the battery's self discharging .
  • Unplug your laptop battery when not in use. Use soft and dry cloth to clean the metal connectors of your laptop battery after using it.
  • Prepare a new battery for replacement if your battery get weak over time.
  • For more information go to Battery Tips and Battery FAQs
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